What is Broken Hill Proud

…to motivate Broken Hill residents and generate a more positive attitude towards their city and its future.

…concentrate on economic opportunities and lifestyle advantages that exist, to illustrate the city’s ability to provide an enjoyable, comfortable environment for current and future residents’.

The objectives of the original Broken Hill Proud Campaign run more than 20 years ago are even more relevant now than they were then.  As a collective, the Broken Hill Proud committee believes that it is time for our community to reflect on and focus on what makes living and doing business in our city so great. We have a spectacular natural environment, strong, varied and unique industry, a peaceful, friendly community, and an abundance of talented and dedicated artists, sports, business and community persons who are focused on making Broken Hill thrive.

Be Broken Hill Proud and join us as we support and celebrate our local community events and the achievements of our residents and businesses.

Welcome to Broken Hill Sign


The Broken Hill Proud campaign was reinvigorated by the Broken Hill Proud Steering Committee and  is aimed at promoting our great community and a way for everyone to show pride in our city.

The campaign is about embracing the core values of motivating Broken Hill residents and businesses to generate a more positive attitude towards our city and its future.

Broken Hill Proud is about encouraging locals to think locally first and buy locally where you can. When you choose to spend your dollars locally, for every $100 you spend $46 is re-circulated back into the local economy? Local businesses help our communities thrive.

Striving for excellent customer service standards.

The campaign is about working collaboratively to support the community and grow a healthy, prosperous community for our kids.

Broken Hill Proud supports the 2015 Far West Excellence in Business Awards, view the video here


Winner of the IGA Sponsored draw for the month of August

Bill Morrish